Oh la la - some beautiful Limoges porcelain...

What a lucky girl I am!  I went to a huge sale in the very famous city of Limoges....  and boy did I get to pick up some absolutely stunning items.  

I did have to fight off the cold a little - mmmm Limoges can be much colder than where we are, a little further South but joy at seeing all that beautiful porcelain soon warmed me up!

Who can not love and appreciate Limoges porcelain? 

I have to tell you the French are fierce collectors of this too.  Very often you will see huge collections of dinner services, some really aged ware.  So ornate, such extreme elegance..

I always know we will find just top quality and such over the top French fancies!

I actually picked up quite a huge selection of this last mongrammed set.  All will be appearing in my Etsy shop very soon!!  Check it out ! (Link at the top of the page).

Christmas countdown started for us here in S.W France

Yippee!  Christmas has started :)

We just love this time of year....  and in true French style, all the little Christmas markets begin. Do you know what this means??  Seriously  ???  Vin chaud - that is what!!!     It kind of felt early to get into the Christmas mood until I took my first mouthful of this delicious home made beverage only to be almost bowled over from the 'fumes' from the spices that swirled very quickly up into my most innermost senses!  How can you ever feel more Christmassy than with a glass (plastic!) of hot spicy wine in your hand whilst touring the market and admiring all the goodies for sale.

This market was in a beautiful village near to us:

How do you resist?

Our local snail 'breeder' offers his pre- prepared offspring!

All the very best confitures!

Collectibles of the future:
 Look at the delicate gorgeous patten...

And what kind of Christmas market if there wasn't something for the children...
Not Santa either as our little one was scared of his beard!
Our two girls and grandson Timothé with the little pony - tinsel and all!

My hunting instincts and favourites of the week.

The thing about hunting down antique and vintage French items is that you never know what you are going to find or what you will like, or be attracted to on any given day. Ah the anticipation is fabulous. I have this, almost craving kind of feeling whenever we go 'junkin'.  As soon as I get to one stall I want to see what the next one has on offer as my eyes scan over the objects so rapidly.  I have the attention span of a flea.  I wait for the items to jump out at me, grab me visually and make me want to touch, feel or admire....  I always have this incredible sense of excitement about what we will find.....

Last week we managed to come home with quite a hoard.  

My favourite two favourite pickings could not be more different.

The first is this one - a lovely little old egg cup made from the very famous Sarreguemines.  Just look at those little faces.  I'm not usually one for twee objects but the colour in this is amazing.  Deep - real quality.  I also love the fact that there is just one egg cup.  Any more would be twee for me but one is ok!  I could pop him on a shelf somewhere and I just know he would catch my eye from time to time and make me give a little smile.  Would not care if I used him for his purpose or not.  Seriously, just too cute but with an air of quality you almost want to reach out and just stroke him under the chin!   
I have serious love for an egg cup - help!

The second item was this magnificent chandelier!  Ahhhh my heart stopped!   Crystals, swags, bows ornate, gold.....  So over the top elegant...  just so beautiful!  I do have a bit of a fetish about French chandeliers.  In fact, a room looks a little bland to me now if it doesn't have some fabulous kind of light....It's part of the decoration, often centre of the room, can be the most magnificent point...  I always thought that the fireplace should be the focal point in any room - but what if you don't have one?  Well, have a spectacular chandelier!!  

For the moment at least, I will be keeping this one.  A couple of repairs are needed but my ever so clever hubby will have this right in no time..  where to put it??  I'm thinking the hallway.  Can you imagine walking in and this is the first thing that greats you...  

So heavy and fabulous quality.
I am sure one day it will be available in my shop.  I tend to change things around frequently so remember to keep an eye out!

Have you visited my shop yet? Just click on a picture at the top right.  

If ever you are looking for a special French item - do let me know!

What an honour!

How chuffed am I ??  Someone has featured me on their blog -  well, my chandeliers anyway....   :)   That is a BIG smile !!

See the link here:  http://marthaann.blogspot.fr/2012/10/blingy-chandeliers.html

Find them all in my little boutique, top right (just click on any photo and you will be taken in!)

Don't forget to check out Marthas' blog.....    http://marthaann.blogspot.fr/

A big MERCI Martha

I sell things with history - and today it is a bit of me...

So long now I have been considering whether to add these two old 'friends' to the selling list....  and today I've done it!  My lovely old Dala horses....

I'm such a hoarder and to be honest I have hung onto these for so long...  too long really.  About 40 years too long ???  !!!

Yes, well, at least one of them was a quite a big part of my childhood.  I can remember quite clearly having numerous lovely brown (plastic) horses with flowing manes ...    oh how they lived happily in the corner of my bedroom in their field (!) being tended to by Barbie and Cindy....  but something wasn't quite right - mmmm, yes those orange horses also in the field did look a little out of place but hey ho I loved them!


A little history for those who are not familiar with these lovely old wooden horses....
The authentic wooden Dala horses are produced only in one place in the world and it is in the village of Nusnäs, in the middle of Dalarna, the heart of Sweden. The traditional patterns are painted free-hand by skilled "ripples painters". A difficult art that takes a long time to master.

Parc Enchanté - The enchanted garden.

Ahh the enchanted garden....

I have been lucky enough to come across this beautiful, stunning  vintage French tapestry - the Enchanted Garden.

I have to say this is one of the most beautiful examples I have seen.  In perfect condition and the colours are just so vibrant!  This really is an investment of the best kind.  It is so striking.  I can imagine this on a white wall...  can you imagine the contrast??!!  It is huge too.

Perfectly handmade, with the authentication details on the back.
This is by Robert Four - see a little about that at the bottom of this post.

It is so large I had to hang it over my garden fence!

Take a look at the detailed close ups....

Here is a little about Robert Four and the process:

'The tradition of tapestry making in Aubusson dates back to the 15th century.
Chosen for the purity of the waters of the River Creuse, its tapestry trade saw its expansion under Louis XIV, with the founding of the Manufacture Royale in 1664. At that time, Aubusson tapestries were to be found in all of the courts of Europe. The Manufacture Robert Four carries on this tradition and its associated expertise, producing both antique designs, from the 15th to 19th centuries, and contemporary creations. All of its tapestries and rugs are hand woven on low-warp looms, while its Savonnerie rugs are hand tied on high-warp looms. The work always begins with the preparation of the card and the selection of the wool, followed by the hand dying of the wool in the water of the Creuse, on whose purity the dyers of Aubusson built their reputation. One of the unique features of the Manufacture Robert Four has to do with its faiseurs de chair (lit. makers of flesh), master weavers capable of weaving highly realistic portraits in wool and silk, gold or silver thread.'

This tapestry is on sale in my Etsy shop!



A first post for this new blog.   Although I am not new to blogging, it is still exciting to start a new one! 

I've been living in South West France with hubby and my five children for nearly 15 years now....who would have imagined all those years ago, that I would be living here when I did not pay attention in French classes at school??!!   I really should have listened !  

I have watched all my babies grow up and one even has a baby herself now so I'm trying to get used to being 'Mamie'.  Of course baby Timothé is just gorgeous...   After working in real estate for many years here ...  I decided on a change...

I have been busy since stopping the previous job setting up a little business for myself...  well I've always done one half of of the business - which is collecting treasures and antiques (or junk as my kids call it!)  so now I'm attempting phase two, which is selling it!  

I enjoyed my old blogging days, of when I was selling houses.  Mixed in with my attempts to describe properties, I would add in things about our region here and some things that I would get up to.  A bit of a look at our life in France.  It appeared that people enjoyed my blog so thought I would continue....    I hope you enjoy it :)