My hunting instincts and favourites of the week.

The thing about hunting down antique and vintage French items is that you never know what you are going to find or what you will like, or be attracted to on any given day. Ah the anticipation is fabulous. I have this, almost craving kind of feeling whenever we go 'junkin'.  As soon as I get to one stall I want to see what the next one has on offer as my eyes scan over the objects so rapidly.  I have the attention span of a flea.  I wait for the items to jump out at me, grab me visually and make me want to touch, feel or admire....  I always have this incredible sense of excitement about what we will find.....

Last week we managed to come home with quite a hoard.  

My favourite two favourite pickings could not be more different.

The first is this one - a lovely little old egg cup made from the very famous Sarreguemines.  Just look at those little faces.  I'm not usually one for twee objects but the colour in this is amazing.  Deep - real quality.  I also love the fact that there is just one egg cup.  Any more would be twee for me but one is ok!  I could pop him on a shelf somewhere and I just know he would catch my eye from time to time and make me give a little smile.  Would not care if I used him for his purpose or not.  Seriously, just too cute but with an air of quality you almost want to reach out and just stroke him under the chin!   
I have serious love for an egg cup - help!

The second item was this magnificent chandelier!  Ahhhh my heart stopped!   Crystals, swags, bows ornate, gold.....  So over the top elegant...  just so beautiful!  I do have a bit of a fetish about French chandeliers.  In fact, a room looks a little bland to me now if it doesn't have some fabulous kind of light....It's part of the decoration, often centre of the room, can be the most magnificent point...  I always thought that the fireplace should be the focal point in any room - but what if you don't have one?  Well, have a spectacular chandelier!!  

For the moment at least, I will be keeping this one.  A couple of repairs are needed but my ever so clever hubby will have this right in no time..  where to put it??  I'm thinking the hallway.  Can you imagine walking in and this is the first thing that greats you...  

So heavy and fabulous quality.
I am sure one day it will be available in my shop.  I tend to change things around frequently so remember to keep an eye out!

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